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   About Us

  Yiwu Yunmen Art & Craft Co.,Ltd established in 2003, it's located in Yiwu,-the biggest commodity market of China, it's even well-known throughout the world. The company is specialized in heterogeneous type wire products. The company have been developed two major series of product at present: Heterogeneous type paper clips(Fancy Shape Paper Clips) for official business decoration and memo clips (Heterogeneous type business card clips, the advertisement clips).

  The company main equipments are Computerized Numerical Control equipment which are made in Taiwan, also equipped with Point Jointing Machine and Pressing Cutting Machine and other, has the facilities of Surface Plate, Grilling Paint, Spray Plastic ´´ The company can produce complex and high quality heterogeneous type wire products. Material range of the heterogeneous type wire product is round wire or square material and other of diameter 0.1mm-3mm, can make plane or solid shape.

  Fancy Shape Paper Clips product series: any line shapes: Round, @ shape, the heart shape, square shape, oval shape, swirl shape, auto shape, house shape ,etc......

  Memo clip series can produce for arbitrarily shape of:Circular form, triangle shape, heart shape, hand shape, flower shape, star polygon form, spiral shape,etc......

  In Paper clips business line, the company has became direct supplier of many company......

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