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   Shaped Clip
      Yiwu Yunmen Art & Craft Co.,Ltd established in 2003, it's located in Yiwu ,the biggest commodity market of China, it's even well-known throughout the world. The company is specialized in heterogeneous type paper clip. The company have been developed two major series of product at present: Heterogeneous type Shaped Clip (Fancy Shape Clip ,Book label) and for official business decoration of Memo Holder /Memo Clip (Heterogeneous type Name card clip).

    Fancy Shaped Clip product series for any line shapes: Round shaped clip, @ shaped clip, the heart shaped clip, square shaped clip ,oval shaped clip, swirl shaped clip, auto shaped clip, house shaped clip ,etc......

     We would be happy to swap early Shaped Clips for ones we do not have. We have extras for the following: Fay, Eureka, Weis, Ring, Improved Niagara, Owl, Improved Gem, Frictioned Gem, Ezeon, Gothic and Clipiola.

Early Shaped Clip Gallery

Fay Shaped Clip Wright Shaped Clip Eureka Shaped Clip
Fay Shaped Clip
Patented 1867
Advertised 1899-1959
Wright Shaped Clip
Patented 1877
Advertised c. 1877
Eureka Shaped Clip
Patented 1894
Advertised 1899-12
Cole Shaped Clip Bennett Shaped Clip Niagara Shaped Clip
Cole Shaped Clip
Patented 1897
Bennett Shaped Clip
Patented 1897
Niagara Shaped Clip
Patented 1897?
Advertised 1898-1950
Clipper Shaped Clip Vaaler Shaped Clip Konaclip Shaped Clip
Clipper Shaped Clip
Duplex Patented 1899
Advertised 1900-11, 1921-23
Vaaler Shaped Clip
Patented 1900 (Germany)
& 1901 (US)
Konaclip Shaped Clip
L.B. Expansive
Patented 1900
Advertised 1909-10
Wright Shaped Clip Ideal Shaped Clip Octo Shaped Clip
Wright Shaped Clip
Patented 1901
Ideal Shaped Clip
Patented 1902
Advertised 1903-2004
Octo Shaped Clip
Advertised 1903-10
Weis Shaped Clip Common Sense Paper clip Rinklip Shaped Clip
Weis Shaped Clip
Eureka, Star, Triangle
Common Sense Paper Clip
Patented 1904
Advertised 1904-25
Rinklip Shaped Clip
Circle, Ring
Patented 1905
Advertised 1908-2004
Weis Herculean Shaped Clip Improved Niagara Shaped Clip Owl Shaped Clip
Weis Herculean Shaped Clip
Advertised 1907-10
Improved Niagara Shaped Clip
Advertised 1908-1950
Owl Shaped Clip
Regal, Peerless, Supreme
Advertised 1908-2004
Hold-Fast Shaped Clip Ringklip Shaped Clip Dennison Shaped Clip
Hold-Fast Shaped Clip
Advertised 1909-10
Ringklip Shaped Clip
Advertised in Europe 1910
Dennison Shaped Clip
Advertised 1910
Ezeon Shaped Clip Perfected Gem haped Clip Nifty Shaped Clip
Ezeon Shaped Clip
Handi-Grip, Imperial, Rapid,
Universal, Victory
Patented 1920
Advertised 1919-89
Perfected Gem Shaped Clip
Perfect Gem, Perfect, Gothic, Spear
Patented 1934
Advertised 1937-2004
Nifty Shaped Clip
Kurly Klip, Spiral, Clipiola
Patented 1936
(Similar design patented 1907)
Advertised 1937-2004
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